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Certified Medical Coder

Medusind Solutions

Medusind Solutions

Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Location: Remote

Duties for Coder:

Job entails surgical CPT coding experience, which relates to anesthesia and/or office-based CPT billing. Duties are:

  • Apply CPT and ICD-10 Codes to medical records
  • Apply all coding conventions to CPT code (i.e., modifiers)
  • Code and/or Quality Audit average of 200 charge records per day
  • Design and implement QA checks with a reporting mechanism to easily ascertain progress for all clients.
  • Look for coding related trends using all resources (denials, email, VIMS, etc.), track the trends, and develop
  • Report quality assurance error statistics to Coding Business Partner(s)
  • Call surgeon’s office to clarify records when necessary
  • Interact with company business partners
  • Stay abreast of, research, and report Coding related changes across the industry.
  • Lead projects as needed
  • Identify system inefficiencies and correct or report to the appropriate forum
  • Utilize reports as needed (Web, VIMS, vendor MBR and PIBS).
  • Utilize software products (e.g., Word, Excel, etc.) that would be valuable to you in your role.
  • Build edits as they present themselves.
  • Use good judgment and escalate issues as necessary.
  • Administrative tasks as they relate to coding.

Requirements for Coder:

  • AAPC Certification required
  • Comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and medical procedures
  • ICD-10 and Surgical CPT Coding experience
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • PC skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet, etc.)
  • Excellent people and team-building skills
  • Ability to plan and multi-task
  • Meet deadlines. If unable to meet deadlines, communicate in advance with a detailed explanation; have a workaround plan to propose.
  • Teambuilding skills:
    • Partner with, and support Management, Supervisors and associates to promote a positive working environment.
    • Promote Periop business decisions as positive. Do not express negative opinions regarding any Periop business decision or business partner while in the presence of associates.
    • Communicate with our offshore business partner through email and conference calls.
    • Promote teamwork.
  • People Skills:
    • Respect, recognize and be sensitive to different personality types and adjust your approach accordingly.
    • Practice soft-skills.
  • Decision-Making skills:
    • Present issues with plausible, well thought out solutions.
    • Discuss disagreement or disappointment behind closed doors with appropriate members of management.
    • Before implementing any change in process, obtain appropriate approval from the Client Manager and/or team Supervisor (whichever is appropriate).
  • Ownership:
    • Take ownership and accept responsibility of items assigned to you
    • Have prompt turn-around time
    • Remain flexible to change
    • Be receptive and positive regarding feedback and directives presented to you
  • Innovation: Reengineer inefficient processes.